Tailor-Made Anaerobic Digestion Plants


Anaerobic digestion as a technology offers users an assortment of benefits from producing a source of sustainable heat and/or electricity, to generating a reliable revenue stream and providing a source of nutrient-rich fertiliser, in the form of digestate.


AD4Energy and its staff have a wealth of experience in designing, building and commissioning anaerobic digestion plants, ranging from 80kW to 2.6MW. These plants run on a variety of different feedstocks, from slurry, crops and manures to food waste. They have been designed to match the client’s energy requirements, feedstock and available grid capacity.


Our anaerobic digestion plants are available to an assortment of industries and businesses, from farmers, fruit and vegetable producers and dairies, to breweries and food manufacturers.


The energy generated by the plant can be used to offset energy bills and reduce costs.
It’s important to consider when deciding whether anaerobic digestion is the best route for your business is to look at what your heating (or cooling) and electrical demands are and also what your available feedstocks are. An essential point to be aware of in regards to new feedstock regulations is that to be able to gain the full Feed in Tariff, the biogas that has been produced needs to have derived from a minimum of 50% waste produced (e.g. slurry or food waste). Deductions will be made to the tariff of plants where it runs on over 50% crop feedstock (e.g. maize).


The plants themselves are available either in the form of a submerged or above ground, circular, CSTR digester or as a partially buried, rectangular, semi-plug flow digester. They are offered in a variety of sizes and kW capacities. Further to this, gas to grid, heat only plants and biomethane for transport is also available.



Anaerobic Digestion Plant Services


AD4Energy also offer those who are planning to or have already built anaerobic digestion plants the surrounding services and assistance that is required to make a successful project.


For those who are looking to build an anaerobic digestion plant for their business, we can offer free economic assessments and consultations to best advise on what size plant would be best suited or what the available grid or gas capacity is. Further to this we have an excellent track record of successfully submitting and applying for grid connections, pre-accreditations, planning and permitting.


Where an anaerobic digestion plant has already been built, AD4Energy can offer a range of services from commissioning the plant, mechanically maintaining and servicing the digester, to providing biological analysis and monitoring.


These services are available as a full package or separately to best suit the client’s needs.
As stipulated above these services are available to run alongside those who are having an anaerobic digestion plant built by us; however, it is also available to those who are or have been a digester through another company.


For further information and to see the full list of services available, please read our Pre-Contract Support Services page, Planned Preventative Maintenance page and Consultancy page.