27th November 2015

Beaconfield A.D. Plant

Beaconfield is a 165kW AD plant situated in Patrington, Hull and is owned and operated by Mr Robin Meadley and his sons Michael and David as Beaconfield Renewables Ltd.


Beaconfield Renewables have benefitted from an AD plant as a method of managing the waste produced from farm animals; in this case, the farm yard manure produced from the hundreds of pigs they breed each year, along with grass silage that is grown on the farm.


This plant has been operational since October 2015 and commissioning was completed positively in January 2016.



Robin Meadley, Managing Director of Beaconfield Farm and Founder of Beaconfield Renewables, said:


“Our AD plant has been running at 100% output for a number of weeks, and we’re now able to look at other ways of maximising the potential of the plant. This project has not only allowed us to diversify the farm but will also now provide an additional and sustainable long term income stream for myself, my sons and future generations.


This is particularly important for us following the difficult time the British farming industry has been through in recent years. At times, this digester has provided a steep learning curve, but my sons and I now understand the plant inside and out and we know enough about to be able to help other farmers who have, or are thinking about having a biogas plant on their farm.”

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