29th March 2016

Blisworth A.D. Plant

Blisworth is a twin-tank AD plant based in Northamptonshire, designed to generate 250kW from a feedstock mix of whole crop rye and grass silage.


The Blisworth Hill A.D. Plant has been operational since September and was successfully commissioned in November 2015.
The purpose behind building the digester was to help reduce the carbon footprint of the businesses based in Blisworth Hill Properties Business Park, through generating sustainable energy.
From this investment the client has gained a separate, guaranteed revenue stream from exporting the energy to the surrounding business park and the remainder to the grid out of hours; as well as a greater understanding of anaerobic digestion and diversifying with farm crops.


In December, the plant generated 192,000 kW/h of electricity and produced 97,500 m³ of biogas. The CHP electrical output was at 98% and the run time was at 99%.


Between January 2016 and January 2017, Blisworth Hill A.D. Plant generated 2.2million kW/h, with the CHP electrical output averaging at 92%. The plant was fed over 3,900 tonnes of feedstock and produced 1.1million of biogas.





[Last updated on 6th February 2017]



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