14th February 2017

Grange Farm A.D. Plant

Grange Farm is a partially buried, twin-tank, semi-plug flow anaerobic digestion (AD) plant based in Lincolnshire. It was designed to generate 250kW per hour from a feedstock combination of pig slurry, farm yard manure (FYM) and maize silage.

Through a commissioning consultancy agreement, AD4Energy Ltd assisted in successfully commissioning the plant in the autumn of 2015. At the beginning of 2016, Grange Farm took out a biological consultancy agreement with AD4Energy and has recently renewed the agreement for a second year.

As requested by the client, the agreement covers a variety of tests and services from carrying out tests on pH, alkalinity, dry matter and volatile fatty acids (VFA), to providing reports on the results, inputting data and providing recommendations where necessary.

Over the last year (January 2016 to January 2017) the plant has generated 2.2million kW/h of electricity and 1.2million m³ of biogas. The digester was fed 16,000 tonnes over the year and the CHP output averaged out at 93%.
The plant continues to be a success. Over the last month the plant has generated 174,000 kW/h of electricity and 91,000 m³ of biogas. The CHP output is at 95% and was fed 1,200 tonnes of feedstock in January.




For more information on our biological support services, please see our Planned Preventative Maintenance page or email us at: info@ad4energy.com.



[Last updated on 14th February 2017]



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