Here at AD4Energy, we are aware that not everyone is in the market for full service packages or a new anaerobic digestion plant; therefore, we also offer current clients and existing operators consultancy services, such as technical advice or commissioning resources.


Commissioning Services


With our commissioning expertise, we can offer services from practical and technical advice to troubleshooting. This is all with the aim to assist the plant in reaching its optimum commissioning performance.


Technical Support


As a company we have a wide range of technical knowledge available to those who need one-off technical support or more in-depth troubleshooting. This support can include optimising the biogas output of the plant, upgrading the mechanical equipment (e.g. the feeding system) or advising on what feedstocks can be used by the plant.


Design, DSEAR and HAZOP


Our in-house design team can offer design upgrades or/and carry out DSEAR and HAZOP studies of existing plants. With DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations) and HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study), our team can analyse the plant for potential dust and gas leaks, review the current process and safeguards, highlight issues and risks, and recommend improvements to meet with current regulations. They can also provide advice and design services for a client who is looking to expand or upgrade.