Once the plant has been built and commissioned, it is important to get a mechanical and/or biological maintenance plan in place to prevent unwanted issues or breakdowns. Indeed, the Environment Agency are now looking for evidence that plants have planned maintenance in place.


The cost of unwanted breakdowns can soon add up.

For example:
If an existing 165kW AD plant has 1 week downtime, it would lose out on £5,544.00 of income (Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff)
20p/kWh x 24h x 165kW x 7 days = £5,544.00

On top of this will be the costs of repairs, which could have been avoided.


Our in-house team has a broad range of mechanical, electrical and biological expertise; contributing to an effective, customised maintenance package for those who are building or have an existing anaerobic digestion plant.


Mechanical Maintenance and Servicing


Our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheme is available to current and potential clients, and those with existing plants.
Following an initial on-site assessment, our experienced engineers will provide a detailed and bespoke servicing schedule highlighting the key planned activity throughout the maintenance cycle. They will also be able to provide forewarning of potential equipment failures and make recommendations against potential repair work via our Corrective Maintenance and Call Out services, which are available as additions to the core PPM.


Biological Optimisation


Our Biological Monitoring & Optimisation service is also available to any anaerobic digestion plant owner or operator to improve the health and efficiency of each digester, and help towards improving biogas potential.
These packages offer a range of benefits such as having samples collected, tailored reports and recommendations, utilisation of our in-house laboratory and access to a technical support – plus much more. This service can also be tailored on a case by case basis, depending on the complexity of the scenario and the feedstocks.



Read our Biological Maintenance Case Study of Grange Farm.