AD4Energy has a variety of pre-contract support services available to its clients and other relevant parties, such as those who are applying for other renewable technologies (e.g. biomass) or are having their anaerobic digestion plant built by another technology provider.




We offer free economic assessments and consultations to help quickly establish the viability of a project and to display to the potential client the approximate costs, likely generation output, payback period and the net income. Not only does this help decision making process but provides key information that a possible funder may require.


Grid Connections


Securing a grid connection isn’t always a straight forward process. We have built strong working relationships with the majority of District Network Operators (DNOs) that control electrical connections across the UK, as well as National Grid for gas connections. On a number of occasions we have liaised with the DNOs or National Grid on behalf of the client and have successfully obtained grid connections where possible; as well as providing solutions to circumstances where a full connection proves problematic.


Planning, Permitting and Pre-Accreditation


AD4Energy offers a wealth of experience in submitting planning applications, advising on Environment Agency (EA) permits and applying for Ofgem accreditations (Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive). To date we have a 100% success rate with being granted planning permission and pre-accreditation for FiTs and RHI.
We can completely manage the full application process and can cover off all aspects of the procedure from drawings and design to statements and attending planning meetings if required. These services are available for a range of renewables, not just for anaerobic digestion.