AD4Energy is a British based business that offers clients a variety of anaerobic digestion based products and services to suit their energy requirements and business needs.


The company is built on over 50 combined years of anaerobic digestion experience. Specialising in the design, build and commissioning of anaerobic digestion plants, ranging from 80kW to 2.6MW and over. This also includes gas to grid, heat only plants and biomethane for transport. Further to this we can also provide technical, mechanical and biological support to those with existing anaerobic digestion plants of any size.


Our anaerobic digestion plants are available to an assortment of industries and businesses, from farmers, fruit and vegetable producers and dairies to breweries and food manufacturers.


Our ethos is to work with each customer to provide a plant or a service that meets their needs and suits their business’s requirements. We want each plant to be efficient, effective and working at its optimum, so that the maximum amount of energy and biogas can be generated.


The key focus of these services is to deliver an outstanding level of customer service through technical expertise in the AD sector, an area which our employees have been prominent in developing within the wider AD industry.